You’ve bought something beautiful, please treat it with care to ensure it continues to look beautiful for years to come!


Sterling silver & crystal beads

Silver is a precious metal and crystal beads (including crystal-based pearls) are delicate; jewellery including these materials should be treated with care.

It is best to put sterling silver and crystal bead jewellery on after getting dressed and applying lotions and make-up, spraying perfumes or hairspray, etc., and to remove it before undressing.

You should never sleep, wash or swim in your jewellery, or wear it while using house-hold cleaners. Chains can kink, earring wires / posts can bend, and contact with water (particularly chlorinated or salt water), soap and chemicals can damage silver and cause discolouration to and loss of brilliance of crystal beads.

Avoid knocking / scraping jewellery against hard objects (that’s pretty obvious, I know, but it’s so easy to do that I figure a reminder can’t hurt!).

It’s also a good idea to store your jewellery in a cool, dark and dry place when not being worn, preferably in the original packaging or wrapped in a soft, chemical-free cloth to protect it.

Don’t use chemical jewellery cleaners.

Sterling silver can tarnish; this is a natural reaction to chemicals in the air. The speed at which sterling silver tarnishes depends on a number of things, including where you live (humidity, pollution, etc.), the pH level of your skin, chemicals and any water it’s exposed to, how it’s stored when not being worn, the temperature and body oils of the wearer, etc.  Tarnish can usually be removed with a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth.

Crystal beads should be polished with a soft clean cloth.


Image charms & pendants

Image charms / pendants with resin are waterproof, however they still should not be worn while bathing, swimming, using household cleaners, etc. as they are set in solid sterling silver and chemicals may also damage the resin.

Image charms / pendants should not be immersed in chemical jewellery cleaners; to clean the sterling silver bezel, use a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth, and to clean the resin face, use a soft clean cloth that isn’t impregnated with any chemicals.

As with crystal beads, take care not to scratch the surface of the resin.

Don’t leave your jewellery sitting in full sun when it’s not being worn – as above, store it in a cool, dark & dry place.

Cleopatra's needles orchid (Thelymitra apiculata)

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